How does “Stress” affect:

  • Your mental health?
  • Your physical health?
  • Your emotional health?
  • Your well-being?
  • Your family, friends & those around you?

Please watch my video interview with renowned psychiatrist, Dr Askok Bhattacharya, to find out how stress affects so many aspects of peoples’ mental and physical health.

To find out more about the causes of stress, how it can affect you, and ways to overcome it, please visit the articles in my Helpful Articles section.


Stress affects all of us

  • For some, it can be a minor irritation

  • For others, it can cause mental and physical health problems that make life incredibly                                                                                                                                                                         difficult to face, both in the short and long term

My role is to help you understand the causes of stress, how and why it affects your mental

and physical health, and what you can do to turn the situation around to return to a better

life, and a better you.

symptoms of stress & depression in surrey hampshire

                   Andrea A Smith MSc Psych                                                      Stress Resilience Coach

Hi, I’m Andrea


In the 25 years that I worked as a Registered Nurse for the

NHS, I saw many people going through different levels of

stress, either as patients or as relatives and friends of patients.


I developed an interest in finding ways to help them through

their stressful times. That interest became the catalyst to

qualify as a Health & Wellbeing Coach.


I am still a Registered nurse and now have a Masters Degree in

Psychology, alongside a Clinical Hypnosis Degree. I am

qualified in Systemic Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness, and am

a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


I now work as a private consultant and Stress Resilience

Coach, helping people on their journey to become stress-free

and happier with their lives.


Find out more About Andrea.



Stress Resilience Programmes That Work For You! 

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My One-to-One service guides

people to overcome stress and

return to a happier life.


Stress relief support in Surrey


The Online programme is for

people who are unable to

access One-to-One sessions or

require ‘distanced’ stress relief



stressed out anxiety treatment in surrey hampshire


My Corporate support helps

individuals, groups of

employees, and business

owners to tackle workplace



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