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The stories you tell yourself are just a pack of lies!

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How often do you tell yourself I’m stressed, I can’t cope!

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So you can Adopt a more mindful

approach to living a happy and

stress-free life.

Please review my video with Dr Askok Bhattacharya (Psychiatrist) from the Empathy Clinic. Toronto. 


If you feel stuck and your life is out of control!


Be mindful

Take a breath…

Slow Down…

You will start to see the world differently!


Symptoms of stress, depression in surrey hampshire

Know Happiness is Your Birthright. 

It’s Time to Strengthen Your Resilience

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symptoms of stress & depression in surrey hampshire

                   Andrea A Smith MSc Psych                                                      Stress Resilience Coach

If your life looks great on the outside but

you feel stressed and overwhelmed

on the inside, we need to talk…

Hi I’m Andrea, a Stress Resilience Coach, with 20+ years

of medical experience behind me, my vision is a world

where people be the best they can be. 

My mission is to work with you to change your language and



positive words,

                                                 find fresh solutions 

                                                                           and shift your perceptions


so you can Fear less,  Live more!


Stress Resilience Programmes That Work For You! 

how to reduce stress anxiety in surrey hampshire


6 – week Resiliency Programme:  A step by step process to free you from your Stress, Overwhelm, Guilt and live a happier life.


stressed out anxiety treatment in surrey hampshire


Bespoke Corporate Packages enabling individuals & teams to shift their mindset, stepping into optimum well-being.

managing stress anxiety in surrey hampshire


Bespoke Resiliency Coaching to adopt a more mindful approach, feel stress-free and live a happy and successful life.

Mark Andrea

 Radio Interview

My radio interview with Mark Stephen Pooler is now available for you to listen to.

Please click the link to listen and tell me what you think by leaving me a Google Review!

Andrea A Smith & Mark Stephen Pooler Interview

Review it

Being a Stress Resilience Coach is my forte, I have many years worth of experience both in my work and personal life.

Read my book and check out my blogs to learn more!

stress mindset anxiety vs stress

7 Day Stress Resilience Experience!


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