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dealing with stress in surrey

I spent 25 years working as a Registered Nurse in the NHS, seeing patients, their families,

and their friends trying to deal with stress, struggling with guilt or regret and feeling


I learnt how to help them.


Now I offer professional advice, help and guidance on dealing with stress and stress


Dealing with stress in Surrey


I worked as a registered nurse for the NHS for 25 years, where I saw so many people going through different levels of stress: patients, their relatives, and their friends.

Stress also affected many of the nurses, doctors and health professionals who were treating patients, especially those dealing with people who were extremely ill or suffering with terminal conditions.

It lead me to develop an interest in finding ways to help people through their stressful times. That interest became the catalyst to qualify as a Health & Well-being Coach.

I gained a Masters Degree in Psychology, alongside a Clinical Hypnosis Degree. I also qualified in Systemic Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness, and became a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Importantly (and proudly), I am still a registered nurse.

My studies and journey have enabled me to now work as a private consultant and Stress Resilience Coach, helping people overcome stress and enjoy happier lives.


The process of becoming professionally qualified also helped me, as my personal life has seen its own share of challenges to overcome along the way.

I raised two children as a single mum (after a stressful divorce, moving from the UK to New Zealand and back again, with no family in the UK), managing to juggle two jobs as a nurse and a therapist during that period.

The rewards at the other end of my rainbow have been creating a new life for myself while watching my two beautiful children become inspirational young people. My son recently finished his degree and is travelling on a gap year and my daughter is now in her 2nd year at Bath University.

I’ve also made time to develop new interests and hobbies. I love Salsa dancing and (in non-Covid times) go to two dance classes per week. I walk nearly every day and find my “nature walks” are wonderful for my physical health and wellbeing. And I have been experimenting with growing my own vegetables, not so successfully in 2020, but I will be trying again this year (“Gardeners World” is now essential viewing!).

I am originally from India but have lived in the UK for 30 years. Most of my family now live in Toronto, Canada, but my life is very much centered around my home outside Farnham, Surrey.

Cognitive behaviour therapy
Stress resilience coach in Surrey


At the end of my challenging and stressful times, I emerged as a qualified Stress Resilience Coach,

in a fulfilling new role that I am proud of and helping others to overcome the stress in their lives.

Many people struggle with stress when the solution is within their grasp. All they need is the

knowledge and confidence to tackle the causes, overcome their fear, and return to happier times.

I help people to find the best way for them to achieve that, so if you are struggling with stress,

guilt, regret or feel overwhelmed by your life, please get in touch.

I’ve been where you are and know it’s possible for life to become better.