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‘How to Beat Stress, Overwhelm and Guilt in 3 Easy Steps’

Build your Resilience, Boost Your Confidence & develop

an ability to bounce back and feel happy!

I enable you to create CHANGE in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Equip you with transformational techniques

to ease your Stress, Overwhelm, Guilt & build Resilience.


Step 2

Together create a Bespoke Resilience Funnel Plan

to get you where you want to be, free from fear.

Step 3

Boost your confidence and resiliency for

optimum well-being and achieving your goals.





how to reduce stress anxiety in surrey hampshire


You will learn:

  •  The Alphabet Method to take control of your mind-chatter

  • A Unique Presence Practice to adopt a mindful approach

  • Box Breathing Technique for instant calm

stressed out anxiety treatment in surrey hampshire


You will learn:

  • Triad of Stress Resilience Strategies for optimum success
  • The Alphabet Method to take control of your mind-chatter
  • How to feel happy at work

managing stress anxiety in surrey hampshire


You will learn:

  • The Transformational Power of Coaching of one-one
  • A Bespoke Solutions to meet your every need
  • Guarantee to Fear Less Live More

With Andrea, I received an incredibly positive experience. I was able to change my mindset that impacted on my

productivity and happiness. I look forward to my future sessions. Thank you so much.


Charlie Davis,

Business Owner