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Stress coaching tips in Surrey

The title for my first book – “Fear Less, Live More” – reflects the way I felt after learning how 

to overcome stress, anxiety and fear in my life.

It was written to inspire and help others who prefer self help support, rather than seeing a

coach or therapist.

The content is easy to read and contains techniques you can use every day.  So the moment

you feel stress building up, you can use my book to regain control.  

“If anxiety, stress and overwhelm has taken hold in your life, this book is a must. You will feel

understood, supported, but most of all, you will leave with strategies and solutions that are

effective and easy to put into place.

I love the stories, the simplicity of the layout and the relatability to the author. Reading this book

will give you choices that maybe you didn’t realise you had.

So pick up a handful of courage, follow the guidance and step into what is possible instead of

what isn’t…And breathe into the freedom of life.”

Fiona Clarke

The Zenegizer

Here's a Little Taste of my Book Before you Buy!

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If you would prefer to speak with me, I offer a range of consultancy services. These include:

One-to-One Help

Online Help

Corporate Help


Please use the links above to read more about each service to help you decide which one is of most relevance to your circumstances.

You may also find the Helpful Articles and Video Advice pages of my website useful too.

Whatever you eventually decide to use, please don’t put off making a decision to start tackling the causes of stress, anxiety and fear. The first step is so often the hardest to take. But it will also be the most rewarding when you look back and realise what a difference YOU have made for YOUR FUTURE.

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