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If you feel Stress, Overwhelm and Guilt, Fear

Less Live More is a comprehensive

programme that takes you through a wide

range of Coaching strategies, Mindful

approaches and equips you with a

combination of tools and techniques to put

you back in control of your life.

Time to open your mind, see things

differently and positively as well as take

inspired action to Fear Less Live More!

Stress Resilience Programmes That Work For You! 

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6 – week Resiliency Programme; A step by step process to free you from your Stress, Overwhelm, Guilt and live a happier life.

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Bespoke Corporate Packages enabling both individuals & teams to shift their mindset so they can step into optimum well-being.

managing stress anxiety in surrey hampshire


Bespoke Resiliency Coaching to adopt a more mindful approach, feel stress-free and live a happy and successful life.

“Andrea gave me techniques on how to control stressful situations and what to do when they arise. 

Various other challenges were tackled such as problems with healthy eating due to the stresses and anxieties that I faced.

I am now becoming much healthier and I am also building exercise into my routine. Andrea was very helpful and kind, thank you for all your help and support that you have given me.”

Gemma Morgan