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how to stop a panic attack

3 Steps to Prevent Burnout: Identifying and Preventing Burnout

This article discusses a critical topic essential to mental health: 3 steps to prevent burnout: identifying and preventing burnout. Does your work stress you and cause you to burnout, or do you just need a vacation?

deal with overwhelming anxiety

What Does Depression Feel Like? The Psychology of Depression!

What Does Depression Feel Like? The psychology of depression is related to the emotion of depression. Therefore, depression can be considered a mental illness. Many people are suffering from depression.


coping with grief

Why am I Feeling Like a Failure: Put Mental Health First

Simone Biles (the medal-winning American gymnast) had withdrawn from the woman’s gymnastics Tokyo Olympics 2021, saying she was not ready to compete.


how to stop a panic attack

How to Stop A Panic Attack: 12 Ways to Cope

Panic attacks can affect us all.  It has been said that panic attacks can cause your heart to race and breathing to become shallow or frantic. Emma Raducanu withdrew from her Wimbledon tennis match, saying, ‘I could not keep my composure and breathing in check’. 

deal with overwhelming anxiety

How to Deal with Overwhelming Anxiety & Coming Off Antidepressants

Last week on Loose Woman (ITV Program) a singer/actress Frankie Bridge opened up on when she was left not being able to get more antidepressants. She had accidentally run out of her prescription on a bank holiday, to deal with overwhelming anxiety.


coping with grief

Had enough of being told coping with grief & loss gets easier!

“Sometimes friends and family offer platitudes when you have suffered a loss. Think that they are making you feel better. They are trying to be comforting, but it’s not helping.” Have you had enough of being told that coping with grief & loss gets easier? 


Emotional resilience and stress

What is the relationship between emotional resilience and stress?

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from difficult situations. Imagine that a tree has been battered by the storms and rain and has bent over, but there is a twig that has grown straight and tall. It’s your ability not to crack but to let yourself be flexible and come back to the center when life throws challenges at you.  

How to practice mindful meditation

How to practice Mindful meditation? Mindful

Mindful meditation is being focused on the present moment so that you can accept and acknowledge your sensations, thoughts, and feelings without judgement. How do you practice mindful meditation? Some people struggle to understand the concept of sitting down and doing nothing, just focusing on staying present.

Cognitive reframing has improved mental health

3 ways Cognitive Reframing has improved Mental Health?

When you face a stressful situation, you may feel that this is the end of the world and not know how to change that feeling. Cognitive reframing is a popular technique that psychologists use, and many therapists worldwide, to change the way you think and feel. So what is reframing? 

How to stop feeling depressed

How to stop feeling depressed and lonely

During these challenging times of coronavirus, feelings of depression can increase.  If you’re suffering from depression and lockdown is lonely as you are not allowed to see your family, you just don’t know how to shift the sad feeling. Start to take the first step to improve your life by taking back control. 

How to deal with work anxiety

How to deal with work anxiety during Coronavirus?

Anxiety can affect your work performance, productivity, and relationships with colleagues and supervisors. Conflict from poor communication due to working from home and deadlines are the most common causes of work anxiety. When everyone in the workplace has been working from home, and some have more responsibilities than others.

How to build your emotional resilience

How to build your emotional resilience? Life-changing

Emotional resilience is an ability that is most visible during hard times. You might have noticed that some of us react calmly and composed to tough scenarios. On the other hand, other people might take longer or have a harder time overcoming a crisis. How you cope with these difficult situations

employers reduce stress at work

How can employers reduce stress at work?

Workplace stress is a common experience that all of us experience at one time or the other. Most of the time, we can cope with this stress. Sometimes though it gets overwhelming and it affects our mental, emotional and even our physical wellbeing. 

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done

It is hard to motivate yourself to do the jobs you have to and you might not realise you are procrastinating. Why do I feel overwhelmed with this task? Procrastination is defined as delaying a task or putting it off. Postpone a task that you must do requires effort and focus.

Managing panic attacks and coping with panic attacks

Managing Panic Attacks and Coping with Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a sudden rush of different physical symptoms combined with uncontrollable anxiety. A panic attack is considered a dramatic false alarm that changes the mind and body. Recognising, this is the initial step to becoming aware of what is causing you anxiety and managing panic attacks and coping with panic attacks.

Can stress cause high blood pressure

Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure and dizziness?

In today’s challenging times stress cause high blood pressure is not a new thing! After all, when you are anxious, you can get stressed. Take note that when you have crippling stress it leads to high blood pressure, you feel overwhelmed and ill.

work-related anxiety

How to Cope with Crippling Work-Related Anxiety?

Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to prevent work-related anxiety. At one point or another, you will see yourself stressed out about something. Often, it is deadlines, sometimes essential meetings. There are also instances that you catch yourself with too many tasks on your desk.

symptoms of anxiety

How to Recognise and Overcome symptoms of Anxiety

Are you aware that in 2013 8.2 million people were struggling with an anxiety disorder in the UK? And woman struggle with Anxiety more than men. How do you recognise and overcome symptoms of Anxiety and look after your mental health? What triggers your Anxiety? 

Am I having a heart attack or panic attack

Am I having a heart attack or panic attack?

Anxiety and chest pain are often connected, resulting in increased fear and uneasiness. It may be uncertain whether you are suffering from a heart attack or panic attack. You ask yourself the question ‘am I having a heart attack or panic attack?’ 


How to stop anxiety attacks in Surrey

How to stop anxiety attacks in Surrey?

Are you struggling with a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder?  Or maybe you are only stressed from time to time. Let’s face it, while we’ve all had those moments during which our problems and fears take hold of us; you now feel like your anxious moments are increasing and getting out of control?

how to stop overthinking and worry in surrey

How to stop overthinking about something?

If you are reading this article, chances are, it’s happened enough of times to worry you. Maybe no one has said it yet, but you are starting to think you might be indulging in some over-thinking. Is it difficult for you to stop thinking and dissecting incidents (happy and troubling ones) from the past?