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Helpful articles for Stress & Anxiety relief

How to stop feeling depressed

How to Stop Feeling Depressed and Lonely

During these challenging times of coronavirus, feelings of depression can increase.  If you’re suffering from depression and lockdown is lonely as you are not allowed to see your family, you just don’t know how to shift the sad feeling.

How to deal with work anxiety

How to Deal with Work Anxiety During Coronavirus

Anxiety can affect your work performance, productivity, and relationships with colleagues and supervisors.




How to stop overthinking stress in Surrey Hampshire

3 ways Cognitive Reframing improves Mental Health?

When you face a stressful situation, you may feel that this is the end of the world and not know how to change that feeling. When you face a stressful situation, you may feel that this is the end of the world 

employers reduce stress at work

How can employers reduce stress at work?

Workplace stress is a common experience that all of us experience at one time or the other. Most of the time, we can cope with this stress. Sometimes though it gets overwhelming and it affects our mental, emotional and even our physical wellbeing. How employers reduce stress at work?

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done!

It is hard to motivate yourself to do the jobs you have to and you might not realise you are procrastinating. Asking yourself questions like: should I even be doing this? Why do I feel overwhelmed with this task? In this article we discuss, how to stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done.



Managing panic attacks and coping with panic attacks

Managing Panic Attacks and Coping with Panic Attacks!

Having A panic attack is a sudden rush of different physical symptoms combined with uncontrollable anxiety. A panic attack is considered a dramatic false alarm that changes the mind and body. Recognising, this is the initial step to becoming aware of what is causing you anxiety.

ways to cope with emotional stress in surrey Hampshire

How to Recognise and Overcome symptoms of Anxiety

Are you aware that in 2013 8.2 million people were struggling with an anxiety disorder in the UK? And woman struggle with Anxiety more than man. How do you recognise and overcome symptoms of Anxiety and look after your mental health?

Stress vs anxiety - anxiety treatment in surrey

How to Cope with Crippling Work-Related Anxiety?

Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to prevent work-related anxiety. At one point or another, you will see yourself stressed out about something. Often, it is deadlines, sometimes essential meetings. 



can stress cause high blood pressure

Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure and dizziness?

In today’s challenging times stress cause high blood pressure is not a new thing! After all, when you are anxious, you can get stressed. Take note that when you have crippling stress it leads to high blood pressure, you feel overwhelmed and ill.