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Workplace stress tips in Surrey

As an employer, do you feel stressed and burnt out?

As an employee, are you anxious about how work affects your work and home life?

As a business owner, do you feel constantly overwhelmed?

I can show you how to regain control and move forward with confidence.

‘The Coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus how stress, anxiety and fear affects employers and

employees alike. Even under normal circumstances, far too many people try to deal with being overwhelmed at work

by working harder, putting in more and more hours to get through workloads, or to keep their business afloat.

At worst, it may see a business collapsing, valuable employees resigning when it all becomes too much, or families

torn apart through a husband, wife or partner being constantly absent from home (and in the workplace).

Is This You?…

  • I’m the first to arrive at work and the last to leave

  • I feel burnt out all the time

  • Work shouldn’t be making me feel this depressed

  • I’d love to get home and put the kids to bed, but I have to finish here first

  • I can see my team struggling with stress, but don’t know what to do about it

  • Colleagues used to talk to me, but seem to be avoiding me these days

  • I go to bed knowing I won’t sleep

  • I’m going to have to work through the night again

  • I’ve missed another birthday meal/school play/anniversary

  • I’m know I’m growing apart from my family, but I have to deal with this first

We all hope to achieve a sustainable, happy “Work Life Balance”. BUT if any of the above applies to you it’s time to

Contact me.


Help is Here  

I developed my “Stress Resilience – Fear Less, Live More” program to help individuals and teams tackle stress, anxiety,

and fear within (and outside) the workplace. As part of my consultancy role, I regularly work with employers, their

employees, and small-to-medium-sized business owners.

Mental Health and Well-being have become increasingly recognised as essential areas to focus on in the workplace.

When addressed correctly, it can help businesses to thrive. Employers feel less burdened and ready to tackle the

challenges facing their company, employees are more relaxed and ready to contribute to the company’s future, and

business owners understand how to manage their stress using strategies from the program that enable them to

move forward with confidence.


This partly depends on whether you need my help as

an individual or for a group of employees. Both options

use face-to-face coaching sessions designed to address

the causes of stress, how to overcome them, and how

to move forward using positivity to refocus. These can

be conducted at your workplace or via Zoom or SKYPE.

Additional support can also be provided via email and


Problems and challenges may be individual to you or

maybe common issues affecting a team of employees.

Therefore, the duration of the program will depend on

what you (or the team) need, how well you (or team

members) are able to work within the program, and

when you (or team members) feel the results are at a

level you (or they) are happy with. 

What I do ask, is that there is a commitment to 6

sessions to begin with as, in my experience, that is

typically the minimum number of meetings required

for clients to start seeing tangible results.


We will discover what has really been holding you (or

the team) back and feeling “stuck”.

We will identify the triggers that cause stress.

We will work on practical ways to unpick and control

the causes of stress.

Most importantly, I will show how to overcome stress,

anxiety, and the constant fear of being overwhelmed,

to put yourself first and return to the person you want

to be (and for employees to reconcile common causes

of stress so they can function more effectively as a


So, let’s get started…please Contact me.

I went to Andrea for my first ever coaching session. She put me completely at ease and answered

all my questions.


Andrea is very insightful and helped me to identify what I really wanted.

The work we did together really enabled me to find myself and delivered real results for me.

Vicky Young

Sales Executive