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I Have Been Where You Are!

With 20 years of nursing experience, having witnessed many women filled with Stress, Overwhelm and Guilt.

And developed strategies for managing stress.


So I Can Help You…

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Andrea Smith is a qualified Stress

Resilience Coach, Author & Speaker!


She is a Registered Nurse, has a Masters

in Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis Degree,

is Qualified in Systemic Coaching,

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Master

Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic

Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom

Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness.

Andrea’s journey was not plain sailing!

She moved countries from the UK to New Zealand

and back to the UK, in less than a year, after a

divorce. Being a single parent was fraught with

many challenges and building resilience was the

only way to overcome her struggles.

As her children grew, Andrea knew she had to create new life for herself, so she qualified in subjects that would strengthen her mindset and resilience. Andrea found the courage and confidence to become happy and successful in business and life once more.

Andrea’s vision is to build a global community of empowered women leading them to a life of extraordinary success, happiness and freedom.

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Seeking help from Andrea through my moments of madness has helped change my mindset to a calmer

more positive approach, enabling me to feel more empowered with the ability to stay in control.

Helen Partridge


Professional photographer


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