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Overcome stress with coaching in surrey

We all struggle with stress, anxiety and fear in our lives.

It’s a natural reaction to what we encounter every day.

But it doesn’t mean you have to lose control of your life.

I can show you how to regain control and return to your best self.


Stress relief tips

Is This You?…

  • I go to bed knowing I won’t sleep

  • I feel so isolated, no one can help me

  • I never used to be like this, what’s gone wrong?

  • I know I’m “comfort eating” but I’ll be fine soon

  • Work shouldn’t be making me feel this depressed

  • My life is falling apart and I don’t know what to do

  • If I can just get through today, life has to get better

  • I’ll just have another coffee and my problems will go away

  • I know I shouldn’t drink so much, but it helps me get through the day

  • I know I’m growing apart from my family, but I have to deal with this first

The best gift you can give yourself is to find your way back to the

person you used to be, to the life you had, and the family and

friends who love you.

There are all sorts of reasons why we find ourselves in a rut. And it

often feels like it’s impossible or too difficult to snap ourselves out of

it and tackle what is causing our anxiety, stress or fear.

Help is Here  

“Quick Fixes” don’t happen overnight, but with support and

determination, you can overcome the causes of your anxiety, stress

and fear.

I developed my “Stress Resilience – Fear Less, Live More” program

because I had become actively involved in helping people to tackle

their stress, anxiety, and fears. I used my experience within the NHS,

combined this with my professional studies, and became a qualified

Stress Resilience Coach. Now I help my clients to develop strategies

and practical ways to take back control of their lives.


Face-to-face coaching sessions, designed to address

the causes of your stress, overcome them, and move

forward using positivity to refocus your life. Sessions

can be conducted in my consulting room or via Zoom

or SKYPE, plus you’ll be able to contact me via email

and telephone for additional support between sessions.

Your problems and challenges will always be individual

to you. So the duration of the program will depend on

what you need, how well you are able to work within

the program, and when you feel the results are at a

level you are happy with.

What I do ask, is that you commit to 6 sessions, to

begin with as in my experience, that is typically the

minimum number of meetings required for clients to

start seeing tangible results.


We will discover what has really been holding you back

and feeling “stuck”.

We will identify the triggers that cause you to repeat

the causes of your stress.

We will work on practical ways for you to unpick and

control the causes of your stress.

Most importantly, I will show you how to overcome

stress, anxiety, and fear, put yourself first and return to

the person you want to be.

So, let’s get started…please Contact me.


I never thought coaching was for me. But the death of a loved one threw me in a turmoil.


Andrea’s one-to-one coaching helped me get in control of my thoughts and negative feelings.


I feel motivated and empowered and can now focus on myself and what I wish to achieve.

Carl Atkinson

Small business Owner