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Fear Less - Live More Transformation

One-to-One Coaching

You are turned to alcohol, caffeine, drugs and medication, junk foods and isolation – nothing brings you relief and you feel nothing and are burnt-out.


Enough – No More!


Its Time to make different choices

and take back control…

You think you can cope with your

stress You are a super hero right! Ding,

dong wrong!

You are living a groundhog-day, where a good day is

determined by what time you get out of bed, living in

the rut of emotionless motion of getting through the

day and finally crashing on the couch with a drink and

junk food in hand. You are exhausted putting on a

happy and social front whereas you feel dead inside

and have nothing left. Somehow you have lost yourself

and have forgotten what is like to feel truly happy and

Fear Less Live More.

You know you are living a thankless battle and

something has to change. You simply cannot do it on

your own. Your superman needs a Robin.


Working together One-to-one, this powerful program

with my system support and accountability will

transform your life. You will discover stress free, develop

bounce back ability and fingertip techniques to create

new habits that work for you.

dealing with stress anxiety in surrey hampshire
managing stress anxiety in surrey hampshire

You speak I listen…

Together we achieve more!


managing stress anxiety in surrey hampshire

How it works…

The ultimate gift you can give to yourself is

investing in a one-to one coaching relationship that

is guaranteed to make a significant difference in

your life.

‘Quick fixes’ don’t happen overnight. I believe taking back control creates

lasting change. My intention for you is to have the courage, confidence

and the tools to make powerful changes in your life.

As women we don’t always know for ourselves how to create change. Its more

likely you are stuck on a hamster wheel and don’t know how to get out. 95%

of our behaviour occurs out of habit You live on an autopilot and

unconsciously react to external demands.

The outcome you struggle to make changes that last. You know undoubtedly

that things have to change but we are quick to berate ourselves for falling short.

The Stress Resilience – Fear Less Live More program is a journey designed

with you in mind to take you step by step along the path so you can

experience the lasting change you have been looking for.

What’s included:


  • 12 x 60 minutes coaching over Zoom or Skype or Face-Face over a 6-month period

  • 6 x 30 minute Focused ‘Stress Resiliency emergency’ calls

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • An optional in-depth 2-hour no nonsense transformational session (at extra cost)

By the end of your 12 sessions you will:


  • Discover what’s been going on – holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • Through the looking glass recognise your triggers that keeps you repeating the same old

    patterns and increases your stress levels

  • Understand and identify what’s going on for you from the inside, outside and in your environment

  • Master practical tools, tips and techniques that work for you

  • Intimately recognise your triggers, know and learn how to avoid and respond to them

  • Pinpoint and dispel your negative mind chatter

  • Explore the power of reframing – allowing you to choose the thoughts that make you feel good

  • Determine how thoughts impact your feelings and know you can choose a better


  • Know your values so you can make good choices and open the door to transformation

  • Put yourself first – learn the power of having a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself.


Andrea is such a pleasure to spend time with.  Her expertise and gentleness is faultless.  Her understanding and guidance is almost on tap! Which is amazing!  I have learnt a lot with her coaching. I now understand more about how stress could affect many aspects of my life.

Nicola Holt


I went to Andrea for my first ever Coaching session. She put me completely at ease and answered all my questions. Andrea is very insightful and helped me to identify what I really wanted. The work we did together really enabled me to find myself and delivered real results for me.

Vicky Young

Sales executive

I never thought Coaching was for me. But the death of a loved one threw me in a turmoil. Andrea’s one-to-one coaching helped me get in control of my thoughts and negative feelings. I feel motivated and empowered and can now focus on myself and what I wish to achieve.

Carl Atkinson

Small business Owner

Are You Ready For Your Stress Resiliency Transformation?


A few questions people ask a coach before starting! 


Whats the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a form of development in which a coach supports the client in achieving personal or professional goals. Coaching focuses on the here and now, using powerful open questions and techniques to move a client from where they are now to where they wish to be. Therapy is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress. It examines and gains insight into life choices and difficulties faced by individuals. 

Andrea is qualified, experienced and she uses a combination of coaching and therapeutic techniques to sensitively create deep and meaningful change at the core, allowing her clients to set and achieve unimaginable goals.

Do coaches have to be qualified?

Regrettably, most coaches are not. Even the most experienced and qualified coaches have done different types of courses and taken different paths to coaching. To help you choose the right coach for you, look at the testimonials, experience and results so you will find the perfect fit.

Will you fix me?

No you dont need to be fixed. You have made a commitment to make changes in your life and that is the first step in your journey. I will gently nudge you, support you and motivate you to achieve your goals. You will make the changes in order to make you feel great and succeed in your goals.

Will I get emotional and cry?

Tears are a part of the healing journey but not all people cry. Sometimes when you make changes and touch on sensitive past events, there can be an emotional reaction. You will learn that facing your challenges and building a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself will allow you to create the life you desire.

Is this service confidential and safe?

Yes, As a Certified and Qualified Coach I follow professional and ethical guidelines providing there is no discussion of current criminal offences! All your files and personal details are kept securely and protected: GDPR compliant according to the 2018 Act. None of your information is disclosed to anyone in any form.

When will I start to feel better?

You will start to feel better after the first session. With regular sessions and consistent action each week, you will feel much better by the end of your block of sessions, ready to take action and achieve success.

How long will I have to be coached for?

The length of coaching varies from person to person. It depends on the depth of solutions you desire

How does a coach know what I should do with my life?

Coaches don’t, but they help you discover through various questions, tips and techniques what is what you want in your life. 

Is there a guarantee that coaching will work?

Coaching works when the client is open to being coached and works through all the exercises given. After being coached by me for a month and you are not 100% satisfied with my Stress resilience coaching we can review for free of what your goals of coaching are. That’s why I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation before we start your coaching journey. We will work together only if you will benefit from our sessions together.

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