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stress relief support in Surrey

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or fear it is not always easy to access face-to-face support.

That’s why I developed my Online Help service.

Wherever you are in the world, I can help you to regain control and return to your best self.

Online Help for Individuals

Most people who use my Online Help service schedule in times that suit their lifestyle. This makes it easier to fit

around work and family commitments. It also means they don’t have to rush around to try and reach my consultancy

room, worrying about where to park, or if they will be able to arrive on time.

Many of them are individuals who find it easier to seek support at times that fall outside of typical “opening hours”.

This often allows them to find a place where they can be alone and feel more comfortable about discussing their


They may also have hit a trigger point for their stress, anxiety, or fear that very day. So being able to access online

support at “just the right time” can help to address things more quickly.

Online Help for Groups

Coaching is not just for individuals. It is not unusual for groups of people to all be affected by the same issues and

causes of stress, anxiety, or fear.

For example, new parents all face similar stresses when they return home with their newborn. So learning how to

understand the causes of their stress and overcoming it, can benefit all new parents within a group environment.

Employees in an emergency call centre may feel under immense pressure. So learning how to recognise stress in

themselves and their colleagues, formulating strategies and ways to deal with the causes, and supporting each other

through that process can benefit everyone in the workplace.

This approach, where coaching becomes “One-to-Many”, can be successfully utilised in all sorts of ways. To date, the

largest group I have worked with online in this way provided support to 28 employees.

Group coaching can benefit people in other ways too, as they all learn from each other and become a group support

network; helping everyone in their circle.

Help is Here  

I developed my “Stress Resilience – Fear Less, Live More” program for individuals and groups of people after I became

actively involved in helping people to tackle their stress, anxiety, and fears through my work within the NHS.

Patients faced anxiety and fear about operations or treatment, while family members understandably had concerns

around outcomes for their loved ones. Nursing staff were affected by stress too, with the cause of their stress often

being at a group level – a recent example has been very evident through coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic, with

television channels showing medical professionals grappling with the enormity of treating huge numbers of people.

My role revolves around helping individuals and groups of people to overcome and manage the causes of their stress,

anxiety, or fear, returning them to a better place and a better life. That is why my program is designed for every one of



Online face-to-face coaching sessions via Zoom or

SKYPE, designed to address the causes of stress, how to

overcome them, and how to move forward using

positivity to refocus. Clients can also contact me via

email and telephone for additional support between


Problems and challenges may be individual to you or

maybe affecting a group of people, so the duration of

the program will depend on what people need, how

well they are able to work within the program, and

when they feel the results are at a level they are happy


What I do ask, is that everyone commits to 6 sessions to

begin with as, in my experience, that is typically the

minimum number of meetings required for clients to

start seeing tangible results.


We will discover what has really been holding you (or

the group) back and feeling “stuck”.

We will identify the triggers that cause people to repeat

the causes of their stress.

We will work on practical ways to unpick and control

the causes of stress.

Most importantly, I will show you (or the group) how to

overcome stress, anxiety, and fear, to put yourself first,

and return to the person you want to be.

So, let’s get started…please Contact me.

Andrea is such a pleasure to spend time with. Her expertise and gentleness is faultless.

Her understanding and guidance are almost on tap! Which is amazing!

I have learnt a lot from her coaching. I now understand more about how stress could affect many aspects

of my life.

Nicola Holt